Who We Are. What We Do.

We encourage you to get to know us. Talk to us about your challenges. See our philosophy in action. And allow us to help you develop and implement innovative solutions that make good business sense.

The Santa Fe Group is a strategic advisory company providing unparalleled expertise to leading financial institutions, healthcare payers and providers, law firms, educational institutions, retailers, utilities, and other critical infrastructure organizations.

At the core of The Santa Fe Group’s belief system is an understanding that despite the complicated nature of the world of commerce, businesses can – and should – be good citizens. This requires corporations be built on a foundation that provides greater good to society. We help organizations to recognize shared core values, make meaningful connections, facilitate collaboration, and affect change.

Established in 1996 and led by financial services visionary Catherine A. Allen, the Santa Fe Group offers innovative solutions to clients through a network of nationally and internationally recognized advisors.

These advisors are hand-picked for their exceptional depth of knowledge and objective approach to business challenges. Our key technology, security, and corporate advisory experts are strategists and innovators offering services within the following areas:

• New payments and revenue streams

• Marketing, communications, and public policy

• Corporate board education and governance

• Mobile payments

• Organizational behavior and demographic trends

• Risk management

• Social media risk

• Third party risk assurance

• Sabbaticals (via Reboot Partners)