Our Advisors

William “Bill” Barr

Senior Management Consultant and Business Strategist

With more than 30 years as a leading technologist and business strategist, Bill Barr is a senior management consultant with extensive experience in technology and market strategy. His background blends business, marketing and technology management for leading telecommunications and financial services companies and technology-oriented startups. He has specific expertise in information systems design and development, network security, the architecture of infrastructure systems and smart cards. Bill’s background includes many years as a leading-edge software developer at Bell Laboratories and Bellcore. In 1986 he became chief software architect for Bellcore’s Software Systems, where he led the definition of the OSCA™ Architecture, later recognized as the first three-tier client server architecture. In 1988, he took a similar position in Bellcore’s Network Systems where he was tasked with introducing distributed systems technology into the systems that run and manage telephone networks. This work resulted in the creation of the INA Architecture, which has become the basis for major network projects worldwide. Bill formed the first research collaboration between Bellcore and a leading financial institution and went on to manage Bellcore’s activities in the non-telecom space. From 1997 to 1998 Bill served as acting Senior Director of Security and Risk Assessment at BITS.